Diary Entry No.3 - Certification Approval

Just over two weeks have passed now since our last diary entry. Since then we have been in continual correspondence with Mosart regarding our submission and we are now pleased to report that they will assure that the building will perform as a Quality Approved Passive House provided that the following criteria is met.  

An airtightness of 0.6 ach/h at 50 Pascal is achieved on site

Airtightness testing must be completed in accordance with ISO 9972. The building must be tested under pressurisation and de-pressurisation.

The detailing of all junctions is thermal bridge free

The heat loss coefficient must equate to less than 0.01 W/mK for all linear thermal bridge junction connections. Point/Punctiform connections must equate to less than 0.01 W/m2K. Thermal bridging is typically not assessed at design stage and if deemed substantial at construction stage, will invalidate this certificate.

Highly energy efficient appliances are selected

Standard values for electrical appliances have been used for the basis of this analysis. On selection of appliances at construction stage highly efficient appliances must be used and details of such submitted. The primary energy target of 120 kWh/m2a must be met in order to achieve certification. MosArt will consult with clients on their energy usage as the project progresses.

Heating System

The heating system selected at construction stage must equal or exceed to the specifications given in the attached PHPP calculations. MosArt will consult on heating system efficiencies and details of the system. Technical brochures should be submitted before selection of any system to ensure that primary energy targets are met. Variations to the attached calculations invalidate this assurance.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system in Passive Houses constantly provides fresh air of excellent quality. To ensure that adequate air changes occur in the building the ventilation flow rates should be as per the attached calculations. MosArt will consult on ventilation flow rates and assist in ensuring that adequate ventilation is achieved throughout the building.

Certification approval
Certification approval

This is great news for both the client and us at Paul McAlister Architects as we can now progress to preparing the tender package for the contractors. One step closer to starting the construction process.