Diary Entry No.5 - Construction Tender Stage continued

Almost three weeks have passed since our last diary entry, during which time we have been very busy collecting construction tender returns and selecting the contractor for the Crawfordsburn passive house. The tender quotes that we received ranged from £200,000 right up to £270,233. It should be noted at this stage that the quotes all include a £8,000 contingency for unforeseen works.

We gave six contractors the opportunity to provide quotes for the project but only four have responded. Those who didn’t provide quotes stated that they felt they could not meet the desired air test requirements of the passive house contract.

So the winning contractor for this project is Mr Kevin Mulligan of Baylands Construction Ltd, Bangor.

Kevin is no stranger to low energy design and has attended a few of our Passivhaus seminars. It will be the first project of its kind for his company and we are looking forward to working with him and his team.

Our plan is to progress onto site and commence construction by the end of the month. We will post another diary entry soon to keep you updated with the development.