Glenavy House

Co. Antrim

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This house is built on a relatively narrow infill site in the countryside. The house design is different in that the utility room faces the main approach, with the family living-kitchen and dining space taking advantage of the south facing aspect and privacy to the rear garden. Our client wanted an energy efficient house that would not use fossil fuel for its space heating. For this reason, the house is designed to be very energy efficient and uses all of the design principles of Passive House design. There is an extremely low energy demand for space heating. As a consequence, it makes economic sense to use a small electric air-source heat pump as the main space heating and hot water heating source for the house.

The house was occupied in 2016 and the feedback from our client has been great, especially in terms of the internal comfort of the house. The underfloor heating system is permanently on, 24 hours of the day throughout the year. The individual rooms are controlled by thermostats which activate the underfloor heating system when required. However, the space heating sees very little use and our client says he does not know if it is on or off but that the house is warm. The good news is that the combined energy bills for the house are around half of what our client paid in his previous house. There is a clear benefit to energy efficiency for running costs as well as the comfortable and warm environment in the winter.