Crawfordsburn Passive House Diary


This Passivhaus design achieves the ‘Fabric first’ ultra-low energy German Passivhaus Institute Standard. The main living spaces, such as the kitchen and double height living room have been designed to the south elevation to maximise heat gain from the southern sun. The balcony feature from the master bedroom acts, not only as a feature balcony, but as a design tool to provide appropriate shading in the summer to prevent overheating. This modern Passivhaus is situated on a cluster of farmyard buildings and its simple design is integrated into the surrounding context.
The rigorous Passivhaus design approach must be woven into a design from the beginning. This makes the building  environmentally responsible and uses the following criteria as design benchmarks.

  1. Super insulated walls, floor and roof

  2. Use of Mechanical Heat Recovery System and ventilation

  3. Passivhaus approved triple glazing and external doors

  4. Use of Thermal Bridge analysis to reduce heat loss at junctions

  5. South facing glazing to maximise Passive Solar heat gains in winter

Passivhaus design has many advantages over conventional construction and design techniques, it offers a modern and comfortable dwelling with no cold drafts, no temperature variations from room to room, a quiet internal environment and significantly reduced running costs. The house Crawfordsburn Passive House has now been lived in since 2014 and has hosted several Passive House open days. The feedback from the owners on both energy efficiency and comfort has been very positive.

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