Questions about Cost


How much more will it cost me to build a Passive House?

The question that everyone wants to know the answer to.  Yes, it will cost you more to build a Passive House than a conventional house. This will vary on the size of the dwelling that you are building. The bigger the build, the more expensive construction costs. It is likely to add 5-10% on to the construction bill. BUT look at the bigger picture. Your bills can reduce by as much as 70% and the pay off period is generally worth the extra expenditure. The value of your property will then in turn increase due to government legislation getting stricter on Energy Efficient Homes. The price of oil is increasing day by day. Is it really worthwhile not building a Passive House?
If you can’t afford to pay the extra 10%, one solution is to decrease the house size by 10% to still come in on budget.

How much will it cost to heat my Passive House?

Again this will vary depending on the size of house and type of fuel used. A typical example for a 200m² (2200sqft) Passive House should cost around £280 (£1.40 per m²) per year. ( calculation based upon conventional gas or oil heating costs).  Cost of heating will depend on energy efficiency of the heating system, heating method and space heating required for your project.