Revised Guidance for the Low Carbon Homes Scheme

Following on from the introduction The Low Carbon Homes Scheme in 1 April 2010. Land and Property Services have amended the criteria for the scheme. All the necessary information is below. What is the Low Carbon Homes Scheme?

This scheme provides full rate relief to:

1. The first occupier of a new low carbon home for up to two years; and

2. The first occupier of a new zero carbon home for up to five years.

What is the criteria for the Low and Zero Carbon Homes scheme?

The closure of the scheme will commence on 1st April 2011 however there are transitional arrangements in place to allow Land & Property Services to accept applications up until 31st March 2012:

1. An application for planning permission must have been made before 1st April 2011. Any planning or other "statutory approval" delays or market difficulties will not extend the deadline.

2. The new home must be completed between 1st April 2010 and 31st March 2012. For the purpose of this scheme the completion date will be assumed to be the date of rateable occupation, i.e. the date from which the property is occupied and the occupants are billed for rates.

3. A completed low carbon homes application (along with the necessary supporting documentation) must be submitted to Land & Property Services before 1st April 2012.

4. The low carbon home or zero carbon home must meet certain conditions, see the important notes section for details.