Social Responsibility

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Sustainability of the Practice

As architects that are operating at the forefront of sustainable design, we always consider and manage the environmental impacts of our operations. We seek to promote best practice in design, construction and subsequent use and maintenance of the buildings we design and construct.

We recognise our responsibility to respect and limit the impact of our practice on the greater environment. Our practice is accredited with ISO 14001:2008, which relates to environmental management, ensuring we follow responsible principles throughout every architectural stage.

We give sustainability the priority it deserves in each and every project we deliver. Our dedication to sustainable design is ongoing; we are Northern Ireland’s first Certified Passive House Designers and see the reduction of CO2 as a priority and benchmark of our sustainability credentials. We understand that CO2 production during the lifetime of a building is a major environmental factor in terms of sustainability. We also design to the BREEAM standard and Code for Sustainable Housing Standards and will incorporate these additional sustainable standards into our designs.

Paul McAlister

Macmillan Cancer Support

We are committed to making a difference to local communities through proactive corporate social responsibility. 

We support young people in our design studio and offer work experience to local schools to give pupils an insight into what a career in architecture would look like. Staff are also involved with schools of architecture and Higher Education Colleges, offering their practical experience and skills to the next generation of architects.

Fundraising for our clients is also important to us. As a ‘Friends of Macmillan’ we help raise money to build centres that provide vital services to help people living with cancer. 

Paul McAlister and Shane Colclough

Paul McAlister and Shane Colclough

Passive House Association of Ireland (PHAI)

Paul became Chair Person of the Passive House Association of Ireland (PHAI) in 2017, a role which he will retain until 2020. The PHAI has a role in the increased awareness of the opportunities and benefits of Ultra-low energy design based on the Passive House principles, across the Irish construction industry. The mission of the PHAI is to promote, educate and facilitate, so as to develop a strong identity, understanding and demand for the Passive House concept. PHAI is an Affiliated Association with the International Passive House Association.
The Association is non-profit-making, in so far that all membership fees collected go toward the promotion of the Passive House Principles in their many varied forms.


Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees

Paul is an enthusiastic volunteer rugby referee and has been doing so since 2002. He is affiliated to the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees, a vocation which brings an association with the ‘Grassroots’ of Ulster rugby.

In 2018 he was awarded the Terry Anderson Memorial Cup for, amongst other things, longevity.

Terry Anderson Memorial Cup presented by Adrian Millar, President USRFR, 2018-2019.

Terry Anderson Memorial Cup presented by Adrian Millar, President USRFR, 2018-2019.